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Clarification on being timedout

Recently I was issued a timeout for 1 week timeout for sending 2 screenshots of something that was recently sent in the whine cellar. I did not say anything on top of the two screenshots themselves.I was under the impression that the whine cellar was a place that we were free to "whine" without getting in trouble as long as you are not attacking anyone.After sending these screenshots I was timedout for 1 week without being given an explanation.The message I sent has since been deleted though if needed I do still have it saved. I will not attach the files here as I do not want to escalate things further. I have tried reaching out to some to get some clarification on the reasoning to no avail.I would just like some clarification as to what was done wrong to warrant the full week timeout.

wygf 4 days ago

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Boat bug

hello I made a ticket for server bug, i was told to come here and explain what happened I bought a boat 2 days ago and i went to store it at cayo, it says its at the boat dock but its not there i have video of it says its there but when i go, it says there's no vehicle stored. i checked the impound as well and nothing.I waited for tsunami to write a ticket to see if it reset but it didn’t. The boat duplicated when I stored it and I drove the duplicated boat onto land ,I then drove all around the island with a dirt bike and it didn’t disappear. When I was getting ready to leave to go back to the city the boat I stored at the docks said it wasn’t there and there was no way I could’ve save the duplicated boat because it was in the island.

siick_fiddy 9 days ago


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More Civ Jobs

I'm not one to want to only dabble in illegal money making ways, and there are plenty of other civilians out there in city who would also agree on that sentiment. That being said I'd like to suggest the importing of some new companies that anyone can work at! Some options that are in use in other cities that would be amazing to have in Citylife would be:- Construction Work, It adds new pois around the city both in and outside the big city- Food Delivery, there can be an app added to the phones (which we would need the iphone/lb phone to be able to do)-Pole repairmen/Electrician, allows people to work on various poles around the city earning a good check for honest work keeping the lights on in the city-Apple Farming, good way for people to network, APPLE JUICE!!!, and above all else, it can be redirected back into the economy by allowing restaurants to buy apples for different ingredients!I'm relatively new to the city, and love the people who are always in, especially my Marina friends <3 but I really would love to see more civilian based jobs that are larger scale. Being limited to basically fishing for the most bang for your buck legal job kinda pushes people into doing illegal things.

pepmilk 18 days ago


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Roleplayer of the month

It would be great to have a roleplayer of the month where people vote on who they think is the best roleplayer of the previous month, have it where anyone putting in a vote has to have clips backing their vote (Also have it where everyone can see the clips and votes). This will encourage people to roleplay to the best of their ability and try to produce the best roleplay possible while also feeding people with great clips to learn from. There could be a prize for the person that achieves this like the way the top 3 voters get a prize (Could even have a top 3 RP of the month), this would be a great way to get everyone to do better when it comes to roleplay and making it where anyone can vote will help with choosing who gets the top spot but is still decided by the higher ups so that the votes aren't just forged and replicated with multiple accounts. It will bring people together and they have an incentive to come away from the grind and do what this city has been built for, I see so many people doing great within the city but there is so many that have no incentive to come out of the grind but have the skill and characteristics that could really benefit the city with some interaction.

eliterab608 About 1 month ago

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Staff Wait Time

With the amount of staff that are associated / work for Citylife under Tony’s iron fist. The wait time to speak to a staff member is absurd. Even if you’re the only person waiting in the staff room channel to speak to a member, waiting hours to speak to a staff member is flat out ridiculous. Only feedback I can pose is getting staff to be more attentive to the community and being more active with the members if they have an issue or problem. There is really no reason to be waiting in a staff room for hours. Ya’ll want a great community and a community that cares, if members have problems or need to speak with a staff member it should be a priority. After all we are what makes this community so strong.Sure one person isn’t going to make a difference right? But it’s the principle of it all. Staff are supposed to be of help, not futility. Do better, be more attentive to the community that upholds your city and your discord for that matter. Your paychecks wouldn’t be flowing in without us.Something to consider. Roleplay on! Much love💝

FlameBoy2K About 1 month ago


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Psychedelic Frogs

Frog venom is often used as a powerful hallucinogenic drug, would be cool to implement this as a unique drug for people to gather in the city.Possible forms of collection1.Frog trap(usable)Use: item in shallow bodies of water(rivers, swamps, streams, etc) Result: Gather 0-X amount of frogs, junk, gold nuggets(rare)2. Frog trap(stationary)Place item in acceptable body of water and over time would collect x amount of frogs, keep adding bait/emptying trap during the traps lifecycle( 1 hour maybe) After collection would be venom extractionGo to facility like rolling and convert the venom into the drug form. Skill perks-increased processing speed-chance of gathering more frogs-increased gathering speed-access to better tools to get higher quality drugs You could either take the drug or sell it to locals.

hellfire66 About 1 month ago

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