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With the amount of staff that are associated / work for Citylife under Tony’s iron fist. The wait time to speak to a staff member is absurd. Even if you’re the only person waiting in the staff room channel to speak to a member, waiting hours to speak to a staff member is flat out ridiculous.

Only feedback I can pose is getting staff to be more attentive to the community and being more active with the members if they have an issue or problem. There is really no reason to be waiting in a staff room for hours. Ya’ll want a great community and a community that cares, if members have problems or need to speak with a staff member it should be a priority. After all we are what makes this community so strong.

Sure one person isn’t going to make a difference right? But it’s the principle of it all. Staff are supposed to be of help, not futility. Do better, be more attentive to the community that upholds your city and your discord for that matter. Your paychecks wouldn’t be flowing in without us.

Something to consider. Roleplay on! Much love💝

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