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It would be great to have a roleplayer of the month where people vote on who they think is the best roleplayer of the previous month, have it where anyone putting in a vote has to have clips backing their vote (Also have it where everyone can see the clips and votes). This will encourage people to roleplay to the best of their ability and try to produce the best roleplay possible while also feeding people with great clips to learn from. There could be a prize for the person that achieves this like the way the top 3 voters get a prize (Could even have a top 3 RP of the month), this would be a great way to get everyone to do better when it comes to roleplay and making it where anyone can vote will help with choosing who gets the top spot but is still decided by the higher ups so that the votes aren't just forged and replicated with multiple accounts. It will bring people together and they have an incentive to come away from the grind and do what this city has been built for, I see so many people doing great within the city but there is so many that have no incentive to come out of the grind but have the skill and characteristics that could really benefit the city with some interaction.

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