Psychedelic Frogs

Frog venom is often used as a powerful hallucinogenic drug, would be cool to implement this as a unique drug for people to gather in the city.

Possible forms of collection
1.Frog trap(usable)
Use: item in shallow bodies of water(rivers, swamps, streams, etc)
Result: Gather 0-X amount of frogs, junk, gold nuggets(rare)
2. Frog trap(stationary)
Place item in acceptable body of water and over time would collect x amount of frogs, keep adding bait/emptying trap during the traps lifecycle( 1 hour maybe)

After collection would be venom extraction
Go to facility like rolling and convert the venom into the drug form.

Skill perks
-increased processing speed
-chance of gathering more frogs
-increased gathering speed
-access to better tools to get higher quality drugs

You could either take the drug or sell it to locals.

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