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I'm not one to want to only dabble in illegal money making ways, and there are plenty of other civilians out there in city who would also agree on that sentiment. That being said I'd like to suggest the importing of some new companies that anyone can work at!

Some options that are in use in other cities that would be amazing to have in Citylife would be:
- Construction Work, It adds new pois around the city both in and outside the big city
- Food Delivery, there can be an app added to the phones (which we would need the iphone/lb phone to be able to do)
-Pole repairmen/Electrician, allows people to work on various poles around the city earning a good check for honest work keeping the lights on in the city
-Apple Farming, good way for people to network, APPLE JUICE!!!, and above all else, it can be redirected back into the economy by allowing restaurants to buy apples for different ingredients!

I'm relatively new to the city, and love the people who are always in, especially my Marina friends <3 but I really would love to see more civilian based jobs that are larger scale. Being limited to basically fishing for the most bang for your buck legal job kinda pushes people into doing illegal things.

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