Clarification on being timedout

Recently I was issued a timeout for 1 week timeout for sending 2 screenshots of something that was recently sent in the whine cellar.

I did not say anything on top of the two screenshots themselves.

I was under the impression that the whine cellar was a place that we were free to "whine" without getting in trouble as long as you are not attacking anyone.

After sending these screenshots I was timedout for 1 week without being given an explanation.

The message I sent has since been deleted though if needed I do still have it saved. I will not attach the files here as I do not want to escalate things further. I have tried reaching out to some to get some clarification on the reasoning to no avail.

I would just like some clarification as to what was done wrong to warrant the full week timeout.

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About 1 month ago



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